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  • "I have over 30 years experience in the Dental industry including dental office management. I can make crowns, bridges, implants, orthodontics, dentures, mouth guards etc,. I have no cavity at all, I don't smoke, I don't do any drugs but I still had some of my teeth cracked, for that reason they got puled out. I know that dental implants are painful and they come with many complications. I don't want to spend the rest of my life taking pain killer everyday. while I make a wonderful product (MyDENTALWIG available at www.mydentalwig.com) for people. I So, I'm wearing My Dental Wig on my upper jaw and my lower jaw. I have created Buy Once Smile Forever™ because I want people to have the same confident and peace of mind that I have about their smile".
    - Lydie - Founder
  • I have MyDENTALWIG for 2 years now. I signed up for buy once smile forever because it's the best way to budget about my next new one.
    - Dan C. Seal Beach, California
  • I am a millennial and I have 4 missing teeth! The dentists I’ve seen are way out of my budget even though I have a good dental insurance I still can’t afford dental implants. I was looking for solutions then I found this buy once smile forever membership. It sounds odd at first, but this plan is great because it comes with my teeth whitening foam and teeth whitening pen. Both products alone cost over $40 elsewhere. Plus, it includes fixing all my missing teeth on my upper jaw! This is a big deal for me! I love it, I am very happy. It's really a peace of mind.
    - Bryan T. Irvine, California

Smile That Last A Lifetime

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Included Products

  • Brosse A Dent Electrical Waterproof USB Charged Toothbrush

Brosse A Dent Electrical Waterproof USB Charged Toothbrush

Sorry, currently out of stock

Flowers symbolize love. The smile symbolizes happiness.

This glamorous floral toothbrush is a beautiful work of art. With its 32,000 strokes per minutes, like a magician's baton caresses your teeth and transforms them into a oral brighten pearls of sweetness, and freshness day after day.

This Sonicare electric toothbrush comes with a USB cable that allows you to charge your toothbrush in every country.  No worry about country's plugs/outlets/voltages and frequencies. It's available in 4 different variants: blue, pink, patriotic blue and patriotic pink.

Mousse Blanche - Teeth Whitening Foam

Sorry, currently out of stock

An other revolutionary product added to our Smile Care line.

Give yourself the pleasure of brushing your teeth with this good taste "Mousse Blanche" teeth whitening foam. Its exuberant white foam, removes the stains and various coloration of your teeth, while giving you a pleasant sensation of softness and pleasure, thus making your moments of brushing your teeth, true moments of pleasure.

Brushing time: 2 minutes. As many times as you wish per day. 

  • Mousse Blanche - Teeth Whitening Foam